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Job details

Software Engineer

Submitted on August 1, 2016 by Matthew Jaeh

Working time:

Start date: August 1, 2016 - End date: August 1, 2021


A ProctorU Software Engineer is responsible for understanding challenges and issues that could be solved with technology and creating solutions for both ProctorU Staff and Institutional partners. The main area of responsibility is to establish clear lines of communication between ProctorU Staff and Partners, understand their needs and work to provide a programmatic solution to solve for an issue or create a tool to support an unmet need. Software Engineers may also serve front line support to integration partners and have intimate knowledge and experience with the ProctorU API.


Communicate, Comprehend and Create an implementation plan to solve for an issue Completes implementation of development projects/tasks Provides Quality Assurance Control for other projects Provide support and basic functionality training Maintain professional and technical knowledge Experience working in a team environment BS (Computer Science or related) Minimum two (2) years of experience with programming and software development (professional or otherwise) and User Interface Design Ruby/Rails TDD Relational Database Design JS/CSS/Front-end Frameworks Be prepared to show your current and past projects