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Job details

Rails Software Engineer

Submitted on November 10, 2014 by Mark Conlin

Working time:

Start date: November 10, 2014 - End date: November 10, 2015


Working on a consumer facing decision support tool for automotive shopping. What you will be doing: Crafting a Rails application that engages users and helps them make smart purchase decisions. Approaching design and development with a consumer-centric mindset. Writing tests for your code. Not being a jerk (that is just not allowed here). Learning. We offer: High degree of responsibility and independence. Money, of course. A friendly work atmosphere (no jerks). All the excitement and education opportunities of working in the Atlanta Tech Village. A chance to be in the door early and help craft our tools, processes, and culture. Equity in the company.


You probably: Can design, build, test, deploy, and monitor a Rails application on your own (and not just on Heroku). Are allergic to big corporate machines. Want to be heard and valued. Are not afraid of MySQL, Elasticsearch, or the idea of writing your own tools to ingest and manage data. Won’t work on another boring enterprise dashboard app. Want to learn from users. Desire to be around other smart, highly motivated teammates. Work on a side project or commit to an open source project. Have ideas and are willing to share them.