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Job details

Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails)

Submitted on March 31, 2015 by Anthony Crumley, Lead Architect

Working time:

Start date: March 31, 2015 - End date: May 31, 2015


We are looking for a Rails developer to be a member of our Software Product Development team. This person will be deeply involved in the full product life cycle of multiple applications. The ideal candidate will be an energetic overachiever, with a team-focused startup mentality, who is passionate about solving problems and doing whatever is necessary to get the job done on time. This position will be located in Birmingham, Alabama. http://www.eab.com/technology http://gradesfirst.com/


See job description and requirements at http://advisorycareers.force.com/openings/ts2__JobDetails?jobId=a0KF000000D32f1MAB&tSource=