Learn Ruby and/or Rails


Emerald City Programming Group

The Emerald City Programming Group is a group of people getting together in Norcross to learn how to program in Rails. We start in September of the each year and use a recent "Ruby-on-Rails project" book which incrementally builds a Rails project. Each meeting involves either a book chapter or some other related topic. We usually finish the book by early June. We meet roughly every 2 weeks (10am-Noon Saturday). Look for Emerald City on the calendar at Atlanta Ruby on Meetup.com

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Look for materials that are up to date and use current best practices (probably written in 2012 or 2013).

Be wary of tutorial materials that fail to use Ruby 1.9+ and Rails 3.2+, or fail to reference Git, RVM, or Bundler.


  • Rails Tutorial

    We've found this book to be an excellent resource for top-down learners: people who like to attack real problems right away, and figure out how the language and framework function as they go.

    There are lots of various books available, but be wary of outdated ones. The best practices are still evolving. Look for books that talk about some of the current best practices, as mentioned in the online section, above.